The 27th Lancers Foundation is an organization dedicated to the encouragement and support of young people seeking to further their education and awareness of the performance arts as well as education.  These core fundamentals are at the heart of our mission:  Drum and Bugle Corps, Winter Color Guard, High School Band, College Band, Piano, Dance, Theatre and Education in academic studies.  Our foundation aims to raise funds as well as awareness to help young adults pursue their dreams!

Thousands of American young people participate in drum and bugle corps, pursue musical careers, perform in Winter Color Guard, pursue Teaching careers and also continue their studies in the arts and education. Participating in these programs is an added expense and extremely taxing on both parents and students.  Our goal is to help these young people  achieve their goals of success through scholarships.  George and Patsy Bonfiglio were strong supporters and advocates of young people pursing their ambitions and striving for excellence.  Please help shape these young minds into the Performers and Scholars they strive to become.  Your cash donation or purchases will go directly to the George Bonfiglio Scholarship Fund and will be awarded each year to a worthy candidate.  Thanking you in advance for your generosity!

Mission Statement
At the heart of our mission, is to follow through with George Bonfiglio’s vision and passion for Arts and Education.  George dedicated his life to perpetuate awareness and appreciation for Drum & Bugle Corps, Color Guard, Music, Percussion, Piano, Dance, Education, Teamwork and Fellowship.  At the very core, his belief of educating young people not only in the fundamentals of precision and pageantry, but at a deeper level to recognize one’s strength and commitment to excellence – the drive and determination to realize your dreams and true potential.  Life’s lessons – taught in all sorts of forms and venues.

The 27th Lancers Foundation was created to help young people realize their true potential and follow their ambition in Education and The Arts, regardless of socio-economic background.  Donations and proceeds from this Foundation will be funded to the George Bonfiglio Scholarship and awarded each year to a candidate pursuing higher education in The Arts or Education.